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Both Teams to Score Guide - How to Use it to Win

Both teams to score falls under that very nice category of betting type names that is self-explanatory. In BTTS bets, you plain and simple bet on whether both teams will score in a game or not.

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Key Takeaways

  • Both teams to score (BTTS) is a bet type where you wager on both teams scoring in a game or not.
  • You can either bet on yes (both teams will score) or no (both teams will not score).
  • You can take a BTTS line at FT or you can also take it for HT and sometimes even extra-time (ET).
  • Very common bet to see in parlays, especially parlays where you take the BTTS yes & O/2.5.
  • Great line to wager on if you do not have a clear winner but know the game is even between teams that are both capable of scoring.


BTTS Yes = Both teams have scored at least one goal by the end of the determines period (most commonly FT).
BTTS No = Both teams did not score at least one goal. It is okay if one team scored at least one, but the other one scored none, that still wins you this bet.

When are the Goals Counted?

Depends on the type of BTTS bet you take, the regular line is counted at FT. But houses also have lines that let you bet on both teams to score yes or no at HT, and if the game allows it at extra-time.

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Tips & Strategies

BTTS lines are a favorite among handicappers for a couple of reasons. First off, you have a 50/50 chance of winning your bet. Either both teams score or they do not. There is no third outcome that messes around with your probabilities, like in moneylines. Below are some of the strategies we have used in the past.

The "Exciting" Game Strategy

This is the type of game where two big boys of the league or competition are going head-to-head, or a game where two teams that have been in great form and score goals will be meeting eachother. A winner might be hard to pick in this situation because you know both teams are capable of winning. So instead of a moneyline where you have a lot of associated risks, you can place a BTTS Yes bet on the game.

In-form Underdog vs. the "Better" Team

Sometimes we get the case that a team - which most of the time is a mid-table team, or "smaller" team, if you will - goes against a top of the table team or one of the top dogs of the competition. The bookies have the bigger team as the favorite on the lines, and they are shading (discounting) the other team a bit. You know the team has been playing well, and that they can score goals. You are almost certain that they can score a goal on the stronger side despite the opponent being up on the moneyline. In this situation, there is a lot of value in taking the BTTS Yes line. The stronger teams in this situation even if they are in bad form, usually find a way to score at least one goal.

The Famous "Over 2.5 & BTTS Yes" Parlay

Honestly, an ode can be written about this parlay. The O/2.5 & BTTS Yes parlay is perhaps one of the most famous parlays in all of soccer. We usually like to use it in the "exciting game strategy" we mentioned above. The two lines go very well together, because if you already believe that a game will go BTTS, then you are counting on there being two goals minimum. If you think the latter but also believe based on your analysis that the game could have more than two goals, then taking the O/2.5 line as well is only adding a little bit of garnish.

This parlay is also very commonly taken when there is not enough value on the BTTS or O/2.5 line individually. If it is a game between great attacking teams, then you may find that the bookies have placed the lines at negative money, and to get better odds than that, you could compile your bet in this type of parlay.