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Over/Under Betting Guide

Over/Under (O/U) betting, also called totals betting, is straight-forward; you can either bet on a total going over or under a predetermined number.

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For example, a common bet in soccer is over/under 2.5 goals, meaning you put your money on the game having more or less than 2.5 goals by the end. Total lines are not only for the scoreboard, imagine any stat that can be counted in a game, chances are it also has over/under bets you can place on it. Just to name a few, you can do the same for cards, corners, runs, three-pointers, and a lot of other things.

Key Takeaways

  • In over/under (o/u) bets you choose for a given total - commonly points on the scoreline - to over or under a certain number.
  • Over/Unders are the same as "totals".
  • These bets are not just for points or goals, almost any other major stat that can be counted can be wagered on.
  • You can also wager on o/u cards, corners, free-throws, runs, and more.
  • Normally the bets are for the totals at the end of the game, but you can also take an o/u bet for the totals at the end of half-time.


Over/Under betting is nothing fancy and the name pretty much explians it. You either bet on a total of somekind in an event to go "over" or "under" that amount. This doesn't have to be on points or goals; all types of things in a sport that can be counted have their own total lines at this point. You can go for an o/u on corners, yellow cards, fouls, and anything else you can imagine.

When are the stats counted?

Usually the totals are counted at the end of the match. But there are also total lines that are counted at half-time, some also for over-time.

What is up with the Decimals?

You will see this a lot in these types of bets, where the number you are choosing to go o/u on is a decimal. The most common decimals you will see end in .5, .25, or .75. Bookies do this so that for example, a 2.5 line, means you are either betting on 2 or less goals, or on 3 or more goals.

Is the Total for Both Teams?

Standard o/u bets do take into account both teams in the total at the end. But this depends on the line you took, there are some that are totals for one team only. I.e., you can place wagers on an o/u home team goals.

Same as an Handicap?

This is a question we hear a lot. The answer is :not really... Handicaps are a more complicated and don't necessarily deal with totals in a game. Instead, handicaps are kind of an advantage or disadvantage that is given to a team on the scoreline but also on other things such as corners. We have a comprehensive guide on asian handicaps that you can check out.

Over/Under Outcome Simulator

Input the number you took on the bet, whether you choose for it to go above or below that number, and the total at the end of the period to see whether you would have won or lost.

How to use O/Us to Smash the Bookies?

Over/under lines usually are stock full of a lot more value than you will find on other bets. Diversity is key here, these bets allow you to stray away from the confinement of other lines. You have options and that is something to always keep in mind when betting.

Advantages of O/Us?

What is the best thing about it? In a lot of these lines, you don't have to choose for a single team to go over or under. You can place a bet and have both teams contribute to the total, in that way you remove some of the risk associated with picking a team to perform better or worse than another.

This leads to one of the best strategies out there. Let's say there is a big big game between two powerhouse teams where it is way too difficult to know which team is going to beat the other. Both teams are amazing, and you know they are going to put up points. You can place an over bet on the scoreline, essentially giving the nod towards a good game with action, but eliminating the risk of picking one team to be better than another.