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Everything About Sports Betting in Quebec Canada

2021 was the year of change for the sports betting scene in all of Canada, including Quebec. Single-game sports betting was legalized and with it the barriers holding back the industry in the country were removed, well, somewhat.

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Barriers still exist, because in most markets throughout CA (including Quebec), the "official" companies or betting sites that you can wager with are limited. Most provinces only have their own province run and regulated operator. Which is why in this case, within the province of Quebec the only fully-licensed option is Mise-o-jeu.

The only province that has tweaked its model to allow for private operators has been Ontario. But, yes there is a but, even in the other provinces, you can still wager on what are referred to as "grey-market" sportsbooks. Think of grey-market sportsbooks as the private operators mentioned above, this is going to include some stable betting brands like Bet365, Pinnacle, & more.

While grey-market betting sites are not regulated by the provincial governments, they are still completely legal to use by any Canadian resident, and most of the time offer better experiences than the other options.

Key Takeaways

  • Single-game betting was illegal before 2021.
  • Most provinces only have one or two operators that are government regulated, except Ontario which allows private companies.
  • In ALL provinces however, you can legally use "grey-market" betting sites (i.e most private operators like bet365). Meaning you do not have to choose the province run sportsbook.
  • Quebec may soon follow Ontario in allowing private operators.
  • What do you need to get started? Well, the legal age is 18+, and besides that most sites will want to confirm your identity before you can play.
  • Jump to list of available sites in Quebec.

Best Sportsbooks in Quebec

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⛏️📀 Quebec Betting Quick Facts

Population 8.485 Million
Gaming Authority Loto Québec
Fully Legal Sportsbooks Mise-o-jeu
Grey-market Books? Yes
Most Popular Betting Sites bet365, Tonybet, Sports Interaction, 888Sport
Legal Age? 18+
Online Sports Betting? Yes
Retail Sports Betting? No

How to bet in Quebec?

To start betting in Quebec as a resident or a tourist visiting the province you need nothing more than some idenitification. Most sportsbooks will check that you are indeed in a valid location that allows betting, and to complete your registration/deposit most operators will ask you for some form of identification, keep in mind however that this varies from site to site.

I wanted to take a second to delve deeper into what legal sports betting meant in Quebec, and also for most of the rest of Canada. Two words have been thrown around in this article so far : government regulated and grey-market.

Let's start with government regulated, these are the province regulated (thus the term government regulated) and operated sportsbooks that you find in all of Canada. In most places, these sportsbooks are the only fully-licensed operators in their respective regions.

Now for grey-market. Grey-market sportsbooks are pretty much all other sportsbooks under the sun, under this category you will find some of the most recognizable brands in the game, including Pinnacle, DraftKings, and more. They are in a "grey" area because while they are not licensed in the same way that government regulated books are, they are still legal to use.

Sportsbooks Regulated by Quebec Province


Mise-o-jeu dates back to 2004 when it was launched by Loto-Québec. Due to the regulatory landscape at the time involving sports betting, the platform at the time only offered parlays. In 2020, the site was upgraded to include live-betting and other features. If you have heard of them before, then you probably were told something negative about them. Mise-o-jeu has a bad reputation that follows them around, the biggest qualm users have had has been their historically hortible odds. In 2021, in part to accomadate for newly legal single-game wagering and to possibly escape their bad rep, they launched a new platform called Miseojeu+ that is discussed below.


Miseojeu+ as mentioned, debuted in 2021 not only adding single-game betting to their offerings but also other features that were missing from the platform. Miseojeu+ is a step up no doubt from the original Mise-o-jeu product, but the bad reviews have stuck around and overall many players still distrust the platform.

Quebec Urged to Embrace Private Betting Operators

In late 2023, three of the biggest sports leagues in North America backed an expansion of the Quebec betting market. The Quebec Online Gaming Coalition (CQJL) - a coalition comprised of a couple of private operators such as DraftKings - has been advocating for a transition from a single-operator licensing system, to a model similar to that of Ontario. In Ontario there is an open licensing system or multi-licensing system that allows for several different companies to operate in the province under the oversigtht of the provincial gaming authority. Calls for Quebec to make the change, and modernize its regulatory framework have come from several sports leagues including Major League Soccer (MLS), the NBA, and the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Many of these advocates argue that under a multi-operator regulation, Quebec, similarly to Ontario, would be able to earn revenue from these private operators and therefore increase their earnings susbtatially. As has been the case in Ontario where earnings have indeed increased following the change.

In the meantime, until Quebec decides on how they will handle the future of the regulatory system within the province. Players in Quebec can both enjoy using local betting sites and private operators.

Other Sportsbooks Available in Quebec

For the time being even if the Mise-o-jeu product is the only officially regulated betting product in the Quebec market, there are a number of long-time betting brands that can be used under the current system that allows for so-called grey-market operators to offer their products in the province. Below we go over the best options for betting in Quebec Canada.

  • Bet365: Renowned as a powerhouse in the realm of sports gambling worldwide, Bet365 has etched its name as a stalwart operator since its inception in 2000, launching its online platform a year later in 2001.

    Despiter not being regulated by the province of Quebec, Bet365 has still established a very strong presence with the locals. This is the case with bet365 and Canada as a whole, where they are a widely used brand.

    • 🟢 Pros of bet365
      • Great reputation
      • Infinite betting lines & sports
      • Some of the best bonuses in Quebec
      • Fast deposit & withdrawals
    • 🔴 Cons of bet365
      • Limited payment options
      • Lack of transparency sometimes

  • BetVictor : Founded way back in 1946 vy William Chandler, BetVictor has a long-standing history of providing an unparalleled betting experience to users. They have grown to an immense operation that is licensed and regulated in over 50 different countries around the world.

    BetVictor is a great betting site for users in Quebec where they will find a consistent easy-to-use platform which is renown for great odds. This is a major point when choosing a sports betting platform because it allows you to make the most of your wagers.

    • 🟢 Pros of BetVictor
      • Great odds
      • Extensive betting markets
      • Established global brand
      • Good bonuses
    • 🔴 Cons of BetVictor
      • Easy to get lost in so many options
      • Withdrawal processing times

What Sports can you bet on in Quebec?

There are as of 2021 no restrictions for what sports can be wagered on in Canada as a whole. Most sportsbooks will have the sports that you are looking for, especially if they are popular. If you are interested in wagering on a more niched out sport, we urge you to check with the company first to make sure they have what you are looking for.

How Does Sports Betting in Quebec Compare to the Rest of Canada?

Like a lot of provinces in Canada, Quebec has a limited-operator model, where there is a single operator regulated by the provincial gaming authority. They are contemplating modernizing this regulatory framework to allow for more privately run sportsbooks like Ontario, but for the time being this is still not the case.

One differentiator in Quebec is that the legal gambling age is 18, whereas in other provinces in Canada the legal betting age is 19.

Quebec Sports Betting FAQ

  • Is mobile betting available in Quebec?

    Yes, you can place mobile bets on either the Mise-o-jeu+ or any one of the other private operators allowed in Quebec.

  • Is there land-based sports betting in Quebec?

    Yes, there are some land-based casinos in Quebec where you can place sports wagers, but they are limited, and all offered by Loto-Québe.

  • Are there daily fantasy sports in Quebec?

    Yes, daily fantasy sports (DFS) are available in Quebec. The market is largely dominated by DraftKings and FanDuel who have a very strong hold on the DFS market in Quebec.

  • What is the legal age for betting in Quebec?

    To bet legally in Quebec you have to be atleast 18 years of age, which is a year younger than a lot of other provinces in Canada that require you to be atleast 19.

  • Do you have to pay taxes on betting winnings?

    No, as is the case in all of Canada, you do not have report your sports betting earnings in your taxes. Taxes are not paid for any form of gambling winnings in the country and is a great benefit to players in CA.

  • Payment options available in Quebec for Sports betting?

    Credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, prepaid cards and more.

  • Is there gambling addiction help in Quebec?

    Yes, Quebec provides resources and support for individuals struggling with gambling addiction. Services such as helplines, counseling, support groups, and treatment programs are available to those in need.