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Betting Sites with Airtime Deposit - Nigeria

Airtime is a form of digital currency that is managed and transferred through mobile phones. At its core airtime money is nothing more than phone credits or pre-paid minutes, but overtime the transfer of these funds to others has become a way of exchanging currencies and performing cashless transactions especially in Africa. The popularity of this service in the continent comes in part from the lack of access to traditional banking services.

Airtime credits can be exchanged for goods, transferred to others, or exchanged for cash. Given the popularity of airtime as a form of currency in Africa and in Nigeria, there are many users of betting sites that want to make deposits using the currency. While this form of exchange is widely popular among the Nigerian population it is not all betting sites that accept deposits using these credits. Below we have compiled a list of the best betting sites in Nigeria that accept airtime deposits.

Best Betting Sites that Accept Airtime Deposits - Nigeria

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What are the Benefits of Airtime Deposits?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all about sportsbooks that accept airtime deposits is that it is inclusive. As we mentioned in the intro, a large portion of the global population remains without access to a reliable banking system. Betting sites that allow for airtime transfers require less hoops to be jumped through by their users. Anyone, anywhere can deposit using airtime and begin wagering on sports events.

There are some players that also like to remain anonymous or keep some of their information private when playing online. Airtime facilitates and even encourages privacy because most airtime wallets do not require ID or any official documentation.

Airtime is a real-time money transfer that is very efficient. On top of its speed, many of us that have used airtime know that it is extremely secure and stable.

Airtime credits are synonymous with money in Nigeria. A large percentage of the population uses this type of digital currency to make money transfers and buy goods.

What is MTN Airtime?

MTN Airtime that was founded back in 1994 and was called M-Cell at the time. It has grown since then to become one of the biggest mobile network providers in the world. MTN will be very familiar to our African users, where the service is extremely popular. MTN Airtime like other airtime providers in general is also used for the transfer of money. Because of its growing popularity and wide usage as a means of moving money, many players have started to want to deposit money in their betting accounts using airtime.

Most of the betting sites found on our list of platforms that take airtime deposits will also accept MTN Airtime.