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Betting Sites in Kenya without Taxes

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Sports betting in Kenya has grown significantly over the last decade to become a form of entertainment for the Kenyan population. With the increase in popularity, Kenya has become a betting market with numerous options for where to place bets for players.

For many players in Kenya, taxes can be a real game-changer, and not in a good way. You win big vs. the house but then only to find out that the taxman wants to take a slice of your earnings. The government in Kenya has implemented a withholding tax of 20% on gambling winnings, and this is often a fact that catches many off guard. They do this to make sure that they get their share upfront. For Kenyan players their is a solution however, tax-free betting sites. A tax-free betting site is exactly what it sounds like : a betting platform that does not take a chunk of your earnings if you win.

Our team of experts have compiled a list of the betting companies that you can use in Kenya to place bets without paying taxes. You will find a complete review and breakdown of these sites including their features, benefits, bonuses and ratings. These sites can be used anywhere in Kenya from Nairobi to Mombasa.

Best Tax-Free Betting Site in Kenya

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Benefits of Tax-Free Betting in Kenya

With the soaring numbers of players betting in Kenya, many have started to look for betting platforms that help them avoid heavy taxation on their earnings from the bookies. This is a unique benefit for players and not one that can be found on just any betting site. Here is a list of the biggest advantages a player can derive from betting on sites tax-free :

  • More Profits: Without a mandatory 20% cut of earnings from gambling, players are allowed to keep 100% of what they win.
  • Less Financial Complication: Taxes are notorious for being burdinsome and annoying. Wihtout taxes you will have to deal with less paperwork, simplifying the management of your finances and gambling activities.
  • More Opportunities to place bets: The amount that you save from not having to pay taxes equates to more money that you can use to place more bets in different markets.

Often tax-free betting is something that is more widely sought by experienced and serious bettors, but the benefits should be taken advantage of by all players in Kenya. To help you make better bets it is important that you research the games that you are trying to place wagers on, this is easily done by reading football preview articles that go over every detail you will need to know about any game.

Breakdown of Taxes on Betting in Kenya

There are a number of different facts that anyone looking to place bets on Kenyan betting sites should be aware of. Taxes are something that not a lot of players think of until it is too late but we have information that will make you more aware as a player.

  • Earnings Tax: For all earnings (profit) won by players against the house, companies are required by the Kenyan government to withhold 20% of those earnings from the player for the purpose of taxes.
  • Stake Tax: Stake tax is different from taxes on player earnings, because stake taxes are taxes imposed on any wager placed with a betting company. Recently (2023) the stake tax was increased from 7.5% to 12.5% starting July 1st 2023. This tax has been an area of dispute for a long time Kenya, and a tax that has been raised and dropped many times. Before 2019 the rate was 10% but was then doubled that year to 20%, after which the Kenyan government noted a decrease in tax revenue due to market exits. This resulted in the Finance Committee dropping the tax back down to 7.5%, until 2023 where it was again raised to 12.5%. This tax has caused some companies in the past to exit the Kenyan market resulting in less options for players.

Reviews of the Top Betting Sites in Kenya without Taxes

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    • ❌Customer Support is not the best

How to Rate Tax-Free Bookies in Kenya?

Our team has a rigorous set of criteria that we go ahead and use to rate and recommend platforms to all our users. The checklist is extensive and looks at a number of parameters to help us determine which sites are the best overall and will provide the best experience. Here are some of the ranking factors that we use when reviewing a tax-free betting site :

  • Reputation: This cannot be stressed enough when looking for the right bookie to place your bets with. You want to use a platform and company that is known for making good on their promises without requiring players to jump through too many hoops, especially when it comes time to withdraw your earnings.
  • User Experience: You will want to choose a betting site that is easy to use. Some sites are overly complicated and will require you to put in a lot of effort to perform simple tasks.
  • Customer Support: There will come a time when you will need to speak to a representative of the company to resolve and issue. IT is important that you choose a company that has renown customer support to make dealing with issues on your side painless.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Speed: This one is big. After you deposit money there may be a waiting period with some bookies before you can use those funds to place wagers on their sites. The faster the process is the less lag you will experience and the faster you can get to placing bets on games. The same goes for when you are attempting to withdraw money from a betting site. Many companies are known to have shady practices and sometimes do not give players what they have earned fairly on their site. The faster a site is known to deliver earnings to players the more you know you can trust the site.

These are just some of the ranking factors we use to help compile a trustworthy list for our users.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Betting Tax-Free?

There are countless advantages to betting tax-free but we do also have to bring awareness to some of the potential disadvantages that could result from tax-free wagering on sites. Taxes are imposed by governments for purposes of using the money they earn through taxes to give back to the public. This money goes to things such as health care and infastructure. Another point to consider is that without taxes, irresponsible gambling behavior may be more likely to happen, more retained earnings may further tempt players to wager even when not the best option.

Are there any Mobile Sites wihtout Taxes in Kenya?

Mobile traffic makes up around 57.8% of all internet traffic globally. The flexibility that is allowed by choosing a betting site that is mobile-friendly and/or has a mobile application you can use is beneficial. By choosing one of these platforms you will be able to place on the go without being tied down to computer. Tax-free mobile betting sites allow you to not only reap the benefits of betting without having to worry about taxes but it also allows you freedom in where and when you place those bets.

How to Make the Most of a Tax-Free Bookie in Kenya?

Now that you have chosen a tax-free site to bet on, you must still make the most of all the tools available to you to give you the greatest chance of earning more on these sites. The more knowledge you have to better the bets you will place on these platforms. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure you are placing good bets:

  • Follow Expert Tips : Experienced tipsters often give out their sports betting picks for free so that others can follow along and gain insight to what the sharpest betters are thinking abotu a game. Our experts specialize in Kenyan Premier League Picks to help you make more informed decisions on the football league.
  • Find the best Odds : Different betting sites will have different odds for markets, whenever you are looking to place a wager it is important that you shop around all the available lines to find the best odds for any match. This is easily done with an odds comparison tool like the former.