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Best Betting Telegram Channels in Kenya

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Telegram was started in 2013 and it has since become a widely used communication method, much like WhatsApp. Telegram is 'cool' because it lets you do some much and is a messaging app with a lot of personality. When we say that Telegram lets you do so much, this is what we mean : you can create channels, you can livestream, you can post stories, and they have a unique set of stickers - many of which are animated - that add so much life to conversations. We have joined the best betting channels on Telegram just like we have joined the best betting channels on WhatsApp, and we can honestly say that the experience is much better on Telegram and just more fun. Telegram betting channels boast all of Telegram's amazing features, such as a privacy and security-first mindset and cross-platform functionality. Telegram's appeal extends beyond messaging; it boasts a dynamic array of channels, such as some of the best betting channels, groups, and communities covering diverse interests, from technology to entertainment. This versatility has led to their success and popularity, propelling Telegram's growth into one of the most widely used messaging apps globally, with millions joining daily.

What is a Telegram Betting Channel?

A Telegram betting channel is a space where expert tipsters offer their best picks for sports betting daily to their subscribers. These channels are one-way communication streams that let tipsters share information with their group of followers, no matter where they are in the world. In Kenya, there are a number of tipsters that curate picks specifically for Kenyans on their betting channels. One-way communication means that on these channels you are not able to write but only listen in. A number of channels especially betting channels like to open up groups that serve as discussion grounds for their subscribers to talk about the sports they are betting on.
Telegrams reach has extended to Africa, specifically Kenya where it is reported by Statista in 2022, that around 51.2% of the Kenyan population used Telegram. This popularity gave rise to a number of betting channels in Kenya, many of which give out free picks daily for its subscribers to follow along too. This coupled with the upward trajectory of sports betting as entertainment for the population makes it an exciting time to be a player in Kenya.

Best Telegram Betting Channels in Kenya?

  • Lucky Leper Tipsters: Lucky Leper Tipsters is a tipster service that has been around for a long time. Lucky Leper Tipsters have a free Telegram betting group you can join before joining their VIP group in which they give their best picks daily. This group fo experts largely focuses on football betting tips and have betting markets that they specialize in to turn a profit such as : over/under goals and BTTS. They are an active group and deliver to their subscribers daily picks and tips that they can count on. You can join them here.
  • Betwizards Maxbet: A premier Telegram channel delivering top-tier tips from the UK. Mostly offering football tips, this channel guarantees satisfaction and engaging content.
  • Toss Match Prediction: Toss Match Prediction attracts members worldwide, encompassing both regular group participants and VIP members who subscribe for exclusive benefits. Notably, Toss Match Prediction offers a unique opportunity to test their Telegram betting group before making any commitment, providing users with a valuable trial experience.
  • Betway Sports: Leveraging the expertise of its tipsters, Betway provides a comprehensive range of sports predictions and tips sourced directly from the Betway sportsbook.
  • 22bet Telegram Group: 22bet is a betting platform that is very popular in Kenya, but you may not be aware that they also have a Telegram betting group where their hired experts give their subscribers tips and picks for sports betting. Despite being a betting platform themselves, they do not force users to bet on their platform and you can take the picks from this channel and place bets wherever you choose.

What Makes a Betting Channel or Group in Kenya the Best?

  • Expertise: You should always, always be looking to only take advice in sports betting from experts at their craft. It is these experts that have spent a long time in the sports betting industry and have found ways to be profitable over time over the bookies.
  • Reputation: Like we said before there are a lot of tipsters out there on the market, especially in Kenya, and you can only imagine that not all of them are as familiar with the industry as they say they are, it is important that you check up on whose channel exactly you are joining and make sure you are joining a telegram tipster service with a reputation for being good.
  • Picks Offered: Different tipsters specialize in different sports and even betting markets. You will want to pick a tipster that offers picks in the sports you are interested in if that is a factor for you. Similarly some tipsters may be offering picks on betting channels that have very low odds, it will be harder to turn a profit on picks like these because the returns on winning bets with low odds are much and losses feel heavier. Therefore, you will want to look for a tipster service on Telegram that gives their subscribers picks with high odds and preferably picks whose odds give you in return for winning at least your money + half of it back in return, if not minimum double your money. Tools such as an Odds Comparison Table help you always find the best odds for any bet you are looking to place.
  • Track Record: Not all tipsters are made equal and it follows then that not all Telegram betting channels are made equal as well. When choosing the best Telegram betting group you will want to evaluate the tipster's track record and past performance. Look for a service with a consistent history of accurate predictions and successful outcomes.
  • Transparency: A reputable tipster service should be transparent about its success rate, providing clear and verifiable statistics on past tips and results. Shy away from any services that do not provide this.

Why is Telegram a Good Place to get Sports Picks?

Telegram has become a bustling application with a large following and the level of customization offered for its users makes it an incredibly engaging platform. Information is easily broadcasted by experts to their users via channels that you can listen on. Because of this ease in information transfer and the ability to engage communities : betting channels have become popular on Telegram and specifically among the Kenyan population.

How do you Join a Telegram Tipsters Channel or Group?

  • Choose the best betting channel: Read all of our recommendations for how to choose the best Telegram tipster service in Kenya and after checking out your various tipsters against this criteria, choose the one that has the best record for making good picks and that suits your needs.
  • Join the channel: To join a Telegram betting channel or group you can either search for the channel by name on Telegram (will not work for private groups or channels) or you can join the channel through an invite link.
  • Turn on notifications: In order to stay up to date with the latest picks being sent over by your Telegram tipster it is important that you have your notifications active for Telegram and specifically your new Telegram betting group. Odds change quickly because bookies these days are sharp, therfore the faster you put in your bet the more advantage you will get from the pick.

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Can you Make Money from a Telegram Tipster?

Telegram tipsters are known to make a profit but this is not all of them, as we mentioned above it is important that before you start placing your trust in a tipster service that you make sure to check out their reputation as a tipster and their track record. Their historical stats will tell you a lot about whether or not this is a tipster that could potentially help you turn a profit from your sports betting ventures. You can also go here to see more expert picks if you currently do not have a Telegram account.